The Centre for Sharing De-Brutalisation

We Work with Individuals and Groupings to Share with Them the Process of Undoing Brutalising Experiences and Actions by Building Empathy, Nurturing Constructive Activity and De-Escalating Harm, including providing free GCSE lessons with a Qualified Teacher and free Football Development sessions with a former Arsenal Coach. Anyone can come along to join in at BBOB RFC, St Andrew's Road, NN1 2PQ at 6pm on Tuesdays or 4pm on Thursdays or you can text Liz on 07507 142 200 for details.

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


Attitudes, thinking and behaviour


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CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence is our programme to help reduce the drugs and violence associated with gangs.

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Learning and Skills Academy CIC

Learning and Skills Academy CIC

The Learning and Skills Academy CIC is a Social Enterprise based in Northamptonshire that aims to provide real opportunities for people to gain the skills they want, the self-belief they are looking for and the employment opportunities they deserve.