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MY:BK:YD is a ground breaking project offering the opportunity for Northants Police and the county's business community to work together to address gang related crime for the benefit of all.

What is MYBKYD ?

MY:BK:YD is an innovative partnership between Northamptonshire Police and the business community of Northamptonshire and is the partnerships response to the emerging issue of gang violence affecting the Country today.

MY:BK:YD is a group of companies who want to play a part in protecting communities by providing employment routes out of crime for young people who have found themselves involved in gangs or are at risk of becoming embroiled in this.

Employment can be a stabilising factor offering purpose and pride as well as social and financial reward. For young people who have found themselves in a prolific criminal lifestyle it can seem insurmountable to make that change and achieve what many will take for granted, a regular job with opportunity for progression. 

MY:BK:YD seeks to level the playing field offering a golden opportunity for disenfranchised and vulnerable young people. This early intervention can pay dividends in supporting a person who utilises alot of the County resources (Policing, health, etc.) to become a contributing member of society and in so doing reduce crime and promote wellbeing for all.

MY:BK:YD companies are those who wish to be part of this commitment to breaking the cycle of reoffending and safeguard and protect the vulnerable.

We hope that this initiative will grow as more and more companies join and that the logo will in time become synonymous with those companies who demonstrate a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and commitment to their local community.

For those companies that sign up a bespoke model is created in consultation with them so that everyone concerned is clear and happy with every stage of the process.

MY:BK:YD Resources

  1. PDF Document

    Apprenticeship Opportunities with AKS training

    Created: 16/01/2019
    Filesize: 0.53MB

    Model for delivering rail jobs and apprenticeship opportunities with AKS Training

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  2. PDF Document

    KIER MY:BK:YD Prison Opportunities

    Created: 10/01/2019
    Filesize: 1.83MB

    Details of the MY:BK:YD opportunities with Kier at Wellingborough Prison

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  3. PDF Document

    MY:BK:YD The Pledge

    Created: 10/01/2019
    Filesize: 0.16MB

    The MY:BK:YD Pledge companies sign up to with us, and outlines their commitment to providing Apprenticeships/Work experience/Opportunities for people in the AIM and CIRV cohort .

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  4. PDF Document

    XPO Logistics MY:BK:YD Apprenticeship Opportunities

    Created: 11/01/2019
    Filesize: 2.15MB

    XPO Logistics - Delivering Apprenticeship Opportunities for AIM cohort members.

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  5. PDF Document

    Saints Foundation MY:BK:YD Opportunities

    Created: 17/07/2019
    Filesize: 0.9MB

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  6. PDF Document

    Adrenaline Alley MY:BK:YD Volunteer Opportunity

    Created: 29/01/2019
    Filesize: 0.44MB

    MY:BK:YD Adrenaline Alley Volunteer Opportunity

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CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence is our programme to help reduce the drugs and violence associated with gangs.

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Learning and Skills Academy CIC

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