Kettering Street Pastors

Street Pastors patrol Kettering town centre every Saturday night until 3am, providing help and support for everyone who needs it, regardless of their circumstances.

We help to ensure everyone enjoys a good night and gets home safely, and to achieve this we work in close partnership with door staff, CCTV and the police.

A particular focus is on those who are vulnerable or in need – whether they’re on a night out and have had ‘one too many’, or have deeper concerns which they need to talk about.

We offer a caring, listening ear and a helpful ‘can do’ approach – no matter whoever, whatever and whenever – and without judgement.

Our teams also hand out flip-flops, lollipops, water and space blankets, and we collect cans and glass bottles from the streets to prevent them causing injury later in the night.

Kettering Street Pastors are all trained volunteers from local churches and are part of an international team first pioneered in 2003, which continues to grow throughout the UK and across the world.

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