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CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence is our programme to help reduce the drugs and violence associated with gangs. Please read below for further information about our programme.

If you are in a gang and want to get out ring 07539 183975 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have a team ready to help you.

What is CIRV?

CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence is a gang’s intervention programme to help reduce violence and drugs associated with gangs.

CIRV - has been running since its official launch in February this year.  Northamptonshire has, and continues to experience significant issues directly related to gang violence and associated crimes such as drug dealing. Steadily over time despite hundreds of years of custodial sentences being handed down, the issue of gangs has become worse and this issue now seriously threatens the safety and wellbeing of our communities and in particular young vulnerable people.

We offer a unique tailored response to each of our cohort.  Where possible, we visit within 24 hours of a referral to visit and assess what the person we are working with might need.  It is not a one size fits all approach.  We do have a list of interventions to choose from but we will also source an intervention that we may not already have in place if it what is required to help that person turn their life around.  We are forward thinking and flexible in our ideas and approaches.

An important part of the process is our Triage Meeting. Our new referrals come in through our website aimonline.org.uk.  Once a week we host a multi-agency triage meeting. Representatives attend and we run through each individual we have in pending and we discuss any new referrals.  Each week we are seeing an increase in the number of referrals that are coming in. 

Message from Head of CIRV - Inspector Daryl Lyon - September 2019

“CIRV has now made a national impact, and it is clear to see why. We continue to receive interest from many UK forces, Violence Reduction Units, and members of the public who all have commented positively on the progress that CIRV has made the real difference is making to communities and individuals alike. We as a team remain totally focussed to our mission of getting people out of gang related criminality. We have now had over 500 referrals in just over 6 months. Whilst this is a phenomenal amount where we can now start making a difference it also indicates just how much gangs affect local communities. If you know of anyone who will benefit from CIRV you can refer via this website under the CIRV Referral section. In a gang and want to get out phone/ text 07539183975 24/7.”


CIRV Northamptonshire is the best violence and gangs intervention we have seen anywhere in the UK”

“The simple and straightforward referral process………… combined with the genuine offer of a range of credible services and channels aimed at helping young people move away from gang or group violence and related offending was impressive. Within such a short space of time it speaks to successful awareness raising and partnership across Northamptonshire……………………We are very optimistic for the prospects of CIRV in Northamptonshire as it continues to develop, with key features including an emphasis on education/training/employment, aspiration building, and family engagement and support”

Centre for Social Justice – July 2019

I want to take this time to say a big thank you for all that you have done for my son, helping him find an apprenticeship and helping him with the interview side and research. You have worked so so hard to help and I’m forever thankful.. It's so nice to see a company and team work so hard for teenagers that in some what respect may help them from going down the wrong path and making the wrong choices in their lives… please carry on with what you are doing as you are giving hope and opportunity's to young people to make a better life for themselves and change.

Parent – July 2019

I have worked in the care industry for over 13 years and I have seen a lot of professionals across different fields who would give their all in their service delivery. I have been profoundly challenged with the level of commitment X  has shown while he worked with XX. I have seen high level of dedication and consistently X has taken an extra mile in helping XX in many issues which he faced…………………………………This sort of involvement is ground breaking and beyond an reasonable doubt, there is significant and positive impact this would bring to the young person and his well-being”

Social Worker – Sept 2019

I just wanted to let you know that X spent his first full day in mainstream education today. We think the last time he managed this was over 5 years ago …………  I believe this is because X recognises the support that both he and XX have received over the summer and the hopes they both have for the future. Thank you for your support so far - I know we still have a long way to go and may still incur setbacks, but today for X was a major achievement and I just wanted to share it with you.

Headteacher – Sept 2019

“I just wanted to say thank you to yourself, X & X, supporting my son and myself through a very difficult time, your knowledge and kindness has helped me and XX get back on track. I know XX has appreciated it, he was very low at times and his anxiety and mine had hit rock bottom, you and your fantastic team, there to support us both, I would recommend you, X & X, if any one was in the same situation as we were. We are both looking forward to the future now, in a better place. I would not change anything about your service, it was a life saver for me. Thank you so much and please pass on my thanks to your fabulous team”.

Parent – Sept 2019

“I am absolutely over the moon with today!!!!!! He’s actually come back really positive about stuff which is amazing to see.  This is what frustrates me because my boy is not a bad kid, he still shows so many of the qualities I love about him and I am so grateful you guys have stepped in now because you are the first person in so long that X has given the time of day to – so you are definitely doing something right as he doesn’t normally trust anyone!!

To have this tiny bit of hope actually means the world to me!”

Parent – Sept 2019

Support Services

In CIRV we are committed to providing various programmes and services to our clients that are of the highest quality.  The programmes are designed to provide opportunities to people to give them the chance to make a change to their chaotic lifestyles either through education, employment or other diversionary schemes.

GPS Tagging

A mandatory condition of receiving support is that all adults wear A GPS (Buddi) tracker.

Benefits of the tracker are:

Quickly ruled out of of crime thereby reducing the need to bring into custody unnecessarily.

Reduce disruption caused to wearers and their families by negating the need for curfew checks and disruption visits.

Support and empower wearers to make positive lifestyle decisions, avoid peer pressure and move away from offending thereby reducing the risk of reoffending

Protect the vulnerable.

Other support

Strong links have been forged with a number of non statutory partners who are able to provide support to our cohort.  Including just some of the following:


Support in relation to substance abuse

Careers advise through dedicated Prospects staff who now work within our team.

Family support through Action for Children

Vocational training is available via Goodwill Solutions and Goodwill Learning Academy.

Dedicated Disruption Officers

There is a wide range of support available but the team also has dedicated disruption officers who use focussed deterrence against people who are committing crime but do not want to change.  Although CIRV has a primary objective of changing people's lives by opening the door to genuine and real opportunity through work or further education. The disruption officers will keep offering our support and services as an alternative to drug dealing and violence at every opportunity but, they will deploy both intensive support and intrusive disruption dependant on the choices of the participant.

Tactical support

Recognising that this programme was likely to be the largest undertaking of many of our careers it was vital we got it right first time.  We enlisted the help of Dr Will Graham of Abertay University in Scotland who lectures in criminology.  Dr Graham is a former police officer and was the deputy lead of CIRV Glasgow and ran all 10 “Call in “ events.  He advises us on operational aspects of CIRV.  In addition to that we also enlist the support of Prof Steve Peters (Author of the Chimp Paradox) to deliver work on offender profiling to our team. This enables us to use basic psychology to deliver better services and maximise our effectiveness.

CIRV Highlights from the last six months:

  • We have a gang phone number that can be called 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is monitored by our team.
  • Launch of the Northants Support Directory www.aimonline.org.uk.
  • CIRV Advertising Campaign running from April to September to raise awareness of CIRV and increase referrals into CIRV. This is on bus shelters, billboards and digital billboards across the county.  All visuals produced for this campaign did not feature any real images of knives or any images that could be seen as traumatic.    As we know that the fear factor can encourage young people to carry knives.  We believe our campaign strengthens prevention work in relation to the carrying of knives. 
  • Participation in OP Serpent which is an operation to disrupt drug supply and organised crime through custody visits to offer CIRV support and encourage sign up to CIRV.
  • Launch of the Peer to Peer support group on What’s App for the cohort.
  • National Citizens Scheme team working with us for two weeks in July to promote CIRV and to engage with the public about gangs and knife crime.
  • Increase in the number in the cohort who are wearing the Buddi GPS tracker.
  • We have had colleagues from Nottinghamshire Police, Cambridgeshire Police and Wiltshire Police visit us to understand more about our CIRV programme.
  • Visited numerous schools to carry out assemblies in relation to CIRV and gangs and knife crime.
  • Being referenced as national best practice in violence prevention from the Centre for Social Justice.
  • Being featured on Look East twice once in relation to the Call in and once in relation to the disruption side of CIRV
  • The team received the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire award for recognition of great and valuable services to the community.  Which we were humbled and honoured to accept.
  • My BK YD event at Rockingham Castle where a number of local businesses signed up to the scheme.
  • CIRV Call in Event in March – In March this year we ran our first Call In Event. Which is designed to promote CIRV and deliver our message to a select group of gang members, partners and key members of the community. We invited 15 gang members or those at risk of becoming involved in gangs.  There was numerous other invited guests from the community including parents of gang members, guest speakers and members of the local and national press.The session is designed to show gang members the negative consequences of gang life and then encourage them to live a life that is free of violence and drugs.The next Call in will be in October
  • Continued increase in the number of referrals that are coming into the team.
  • We have assisted on a case by case basis on a number of individual school exclusion cases to try and find an acceptable outcome for the young person and the school that doesn’t involve them being excluded.
  • In July we welcomed  Chief Superintendant Ian Wyle Vice President of the Superintendents Association and Chief Inspector Scott Ware who is seconded to the London Mayors Office from the Metropolitan Police.  Both officers came to see how the CIRV Northants Programme has developed into the successful and leading programme that it is today.  Conversations are continuing to assess the viability of CIRV being expanded into other areas of the UK.

Team Members

The team is made up of 11 police officers, 1 Sergeant and 1 police staff equivalent manager and 2 administrative staff. We are based across two sites one in Northampton and one in Kettering. We also have working with us mentors, family support workers, careers advisors, PADS and an ex gang member amongst other various services and interventions. We work closely with Children’s services (inc Social Care, Early Help and Education & Inclusion), Schools and Colleges, YOS, Housing and health provides further opportunities for support. Partnership working is key to the project.

CIRV Resources

  1. PDF Document

    Foodbanks and hot meals this Christmas

    Created: 20/12/2019
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    Foodbanks and Hot meals this Christmas

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  2. PDF Document

    In a Gang? We can help

    Created: 21/01/2019
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    This poster displays the phone number you can ring if you are in a gang and want help to get out. You can also use this number if you a parent concerned about your child being in a gang. We are here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Click here to download

  3. Word Document

    Signs of Gang Involvement

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    Signs of Gang Involvement Document - Please use this document if you are a professional or a parent to understand the signs of gang involvement and to help you with the referral you may go on to complete to CIRV.

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CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence is our programme to help reduce the drugs and violence associated with gangs.

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