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Access Funding for Offenders

The Prisoner Funder Directory

The Prisoner Funder Directory presents a collection of funders who are interested in individual support for offenders and ex-offenders. This could range from support to buy equipment and household goods to training and clothing for interviews.

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Glasspool Charity Trust

The Glasspool Trust is one of the few national charities making grants to individuals which have no restrictions on the type of beneficiary.

Their aim is to provide timely, life-enhancing support to people in need; short-term involvement for long-term impact.

The Trust do not accept applications from individuals directly, believing that grants are most effective through working with front-line advice and social care agencies that provide a package of support.

"Our vision is of a society where people in need receive sufficient support to over-come hardship".

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CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence is our programme to help reduce the drugs and violence associated with gangs.

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National Centre for Domestic Violence

National Centre for Domestic Violence

The National Centre for Domestic Violence provides a free, fast emergency injunction service to survivors of domestic violence regardless of their financial circumstances, race, gender or sexual orientation.

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